Towards freedom - Bakhita

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Towards freedom


From Bakhita's Diary

Signs of hope

After several months of absence from Kordofan, the General returned. He wanted to get rid of some of his slaves, keeping ten of us, before setting off for Turkey, his native land.
We left Kordofan by a camel caravan and after several days we reached Khartoum where we stopped at an hotel. There, it was announced, that there were slaves for sale.
One day, the General had a visitor: the gentleman, Callisto (Legnani), was the Agent of the Italian Consul in Sudan. I was asked to bring a cup of coffee for the guest. He looked at me intently, but I was far from imagining that he had a mind to purchase me and eventually free me. I understood it  only the next morning when the Turkish General ordered me to follow the Consul's maid and help her to carry a parcel.
This time I was really "the lucky one" ! The new master was kind and affectionate towards me. My main occupation was to help the maid in the household chores. I was never reproached, nor punished, nor beaten. As a result, for the first time since my kidnapping. I enjoyed peace and tranquillity

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