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First Profession


From Bakhita's Diary

First Profession

A few months before the end of my third year of Novitiate I returned there to pronounce my Religious Vows. This took place on 8 December 1896.
Thus God had granted Sr. Previtaii's wish. Little more than a month later, on 11 January 1897, she passed away to a better life.
Fourteen years of religious life followed during which I came more and more to appreciate God's goodness to me.

I beg of all the dear Sisters who will read these memoirs of mine to thank this generous Lord for me and to beg Him to continue to grant me the grace to be more and more faithful to Him."

Canossian Convent,
51, Via Pusinato,
Schio 1910

The story of Bakhita has been abstracted from "Bakhita" by Maria Luisa Dagnino, Rome 1991, p. 13-26, changing only the subdivisions of the text and the headings.

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