Adolescence - Bakhita

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From Bakhita's Diary

Wrenched from the family

I was about nine years old, when, one morning after breakfast, I went with a little friend of mine, who was twelve or thirteen years of age, for a walk in the fields, not far from our home. During a pause in our games we were all intent on gathering some wild herbs.
All of a sudden, we saw two strangers emerging from behind a fence. One of them addressed my friend: "Let your little friend go to the forest to collect a parcel which I have forgotten. She will soon be hack: you run along. She will shortly catch up with you".
It was clear that their intent was to separate my friend from me. Had she been present while I was kidnapped, she would no doubt have raised the alarm. On my part I was too simple to be aware of anything. Without any suspicion I obeyed the man, as I always did my mother.
On entering the forest however, I realised that the parcel was nowhere to be found, while I noticed that the two strangers were now standing behind my back.

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